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Creditor pressure and business disputes are part of the everyday cut and thrust of being in business. Dealing with pressure from creditors you can’t pay on time and other business disputes need dealing with promptly for your business to run smoothly.

A business health check will identify areas of weakness in the business that are the source of more frequent disputes, making sure that your time is spent on positive action and not crisis management.

Creditor pressure is time consuming and worrying. We will work with you to put a proposal forward to your creditors that will take the pressure off you, and give your creditors some peace of mind.

Passing these everyday problems to Anvil will reduce your stress levels, allowing you to focus on the important things that will make your business a success.

Feedback from our clients




“ It's a fantastic result for which I'm very grateful.I would recommend them to anyone needing help with their business".


Manufacturing COMPANY

“The result being full recovery of the debt by negotiating in person with the MD of the debtor company in a way that did not jeopardise either company.”


Engineering COMPANY

“Instructing them enabled us to detach ourselves from the situation and carry on with our business.”


design COMPANY

"The first thing you will notice is that they listen, and very carefully, to properly understand your position."

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Other Services

Cashflow Finance

Being partnered with the right lender is key to your peace of mind. Anvil Business Advisory have the contacts to find the right finance package for you. You may already have had experience of how difficult it can be to solve cash flow issues through regular funding channels. At Anvil we have contacts with brokers who are expert at identifying your specific needs and can match you to the appropriate lender.

Commercial Debt Recovery

Bad debts are a serious threat to any business, we understand that completely. We also understand how important it is that your reputation remains intact. Poor debt collection methods can be just as damaging as the bad debt itself. Anvil Business Advisory operates in a respectful and professional manner with the aim of collecting your debt in full without incurring legal costs. No Win No Fee.

Marketing Planning

Building your business back to a success is key to longevity. The marketing planning process is systematic and includes a comprehensive analysis of your company positioning, products and services. Our task is to show you how to make changes that will give your business security and growth.

Strategic Direction

When a company is out of control, strategic direction often becomes vague and plans and actions poorly implemented. To be able to work towards a vision for the future for your organisation it is vital that clear strategic direction is in place. Our team of experts at Anvil Business Advisory will ask the right questions and give you the clarity you need.

Company Restructuring & Turnaround

If your company has a viable underlying business, it may be that re-structuring is the best option. This might involve entering into a contract with creditors, setting out how the business will operate and how much the creditors can expect to be paid. The process includes examining your management structure, credit systems and sales and marketing strategies. Our goal is to replace fire fighting and crisis management with focused action.

Directors Redundancy

A lot of directors are unaware that they are entitled to redundancy pay if their company goes into liquidation. Providing the director is an employee of the company entering liquidation he or she should be entitled to a redundancy payment. It is not automatic and you need to meet the necessary criteria, Anvil Business Advisory can look at your individual case and advise you.

Directors Personal Guarantee Negotiation

Directors Personal Guarantees are nothing new but when a PG gets called in it can be a shock, leaving you feeling trapped. It's a mistake to ignore it, and if you deal with it quickly it's usually not as bad as it first seems. We have a proven record of achieving excellent settlement deals that are in your favour. With the right approach repayment of the whole amount is rarely necessary.

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